I )(ave never sea-n somet)(ing so STUPID looking in my LIF—-E.

Way to make a lady GR—E—-EN around t)(e GILLS…

Cat got W)(O’S tongue?

Is t)(is t)(ing ON? 38/

Ask Beforus Feferi!


((It’s that time of year! Time for me to do a special! (oh god???) After waffling here and there, I decided on Beforus Feferi (WHICH EVEN LESS IS KNOWN ABOUT GODDAMN). For the next three daysI’ll be taking questions for Beforus Feferi. Just be sure to address them to her!))

Anonymous asked: Heiress? What is it that you most can’t the least?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever met your session’s White Queen?

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